Crime Consultation

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The National Front would like to ask the opinion of members and supporters on our proposed Law and Order Strategy detailed below. Please sent comments, and additions to [email protected]

National Front Law and order

A National Front, law and order strategy based on the rights of victims and ordinarily citizens, not the rights of criminals. 

Prison reform and punishment 

Prisoners should be made to respect the system and not be afraid of other prisoners. Prisons should be run by the guards, not the inmates. 

Privileges such as radio’s, a film once a week, phone calls and visits, should be earned. TV and games should not be allowed in cells. Prison must never be more comfortable than life on the outside. 

‘Gang bosses’ and terrorists should have no influence over other inmates. 

Education should emphasis on work ethics, such as getting up for work in the morning, behaviour and attitude. Prisoners should not be given advantages not afforded to law abiding citizens. 

*In short no one should want to go to prison. In todays society many youths see life in prison as a better option than life on the outside and having been to prison as a badge of honour or status symbol. 

Bring back the death penalty for murderers and serious sexual offenders. 

*The death penalty should be administered by lethal injection (public hangings are in poor taste and display the same savagery we are trying to stop)

**In order to prevent serious criminals getting off, because jurors are unwilling to find a criminal guilty, knowing that they could be executed. Jurors should agree beforehand that if the defendant is proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt, that they will find them guilty, in the knowledge that they could receive the death penalty. Any juror who is uneasy would be transferred to a less serious case. Jurors would also be given an option of finding the defendant guilty of a lesser charge, where he or she would not be executed, for example 2nd degree murder. 

Any foreigner convicted of a crime that could receive any prison sentence should be considered for deportation. 


Disrupt gang activity on every level. 

Anyone encouraging a child to commit a criminal act, should be charged with child abuse, in the same way as those who encourage a child to commit a sexual act. 

The glorification of gang activity should be treated in the same way as glorification of terrorism. 

There should be no, no go areas for the police. If the police want to make an arrest they should have the backup to make the arrest. If the primary arrest is for shop lifting or fly tipping and the police make a further 80 arrests for violent disorder, threatening behaviour and perverting the course of justice, this should be seen as a success, taking a number of criminals out of society.

Community and environment 

By removing graffiti and clearing up litter an area will appear less intimidating, people will be more inclined to walk around and will feel more confident to intervene if they see a crime taking place. 

If all graffiti is removed within 24 hours, vandals will be less likely to graffiti knowing that it will be removed. 

Police should stop and search anyone deliberately hiding their face. 

Anyone disposing of or hiding weapons or drugs in a public place, where children could find them, should be charged with public endangerment. 


Children should be taught to be less materialistic but to achieve in academics and sport. 

Advertising of luxury goods aimed at children and young people should be banned.

Please feel free to contribute to this consultation by emailing [email protected]