NF demo in central London, Saturday, 10th. August 2019.

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On Saturday, the 10th. of August, a bright summer’s day but with a strong wind gusting up to forty miles per hour, a group of National Front activists and supporters held a demonstration in Parliament Square, right opposite the Houses of Parliament and Whitehall.

The object of our demonstration was to publicly protest the presence of a statue in the very centre of our capital, a statue dedicated to a self-admitted and self-proclaimed terrorist; the statue erected by the British government to glorify and to acclaim as one of their own, the African terrorist and supporter of Communism, Nelson Mandela.

In front of crowds of tourists and on-lookers, NF Chairman, Tony Martin, took his place before the Mandela statue. Tony denounced Mandela as a terrorist. Tony quoted from Mandela’s autobiography ‘Long Walk to Freedom’, where Mandela boasts, that he, Mandela, was one of the first to advocate, plan and organise the campaign of murder and terror across Southern Africa; and that he was proud to have done so. Tony read all these stomach-churning boasts from Mandela’s book. At the end Tony declared that it was an outrage to every sense of civilisation that the British government should erect a statue to such a monster. Tony asked, in a country such as Britain that has suffered from terrorism, what example does it give, to erect a statue to a terrorist right in the heart of our capital ? “This statue glorifies Terrorism; this statue should go.”

The second speaker was nationalist stalwart, Richard Edmonds. Richard reminded those present of two of the victims of Mandela’s murderous campaigns: the grandmother and her grand daughter, the ten year old Glynnis Burleigh, who were waiting at Johannesburg main line railway station, when a bomb exploded killing and maiming dozens; amongst the victims was the grandmother who was killed and the child Glynnis Burleigh who received 70 per-cent burns to her face and body; the rest of her life Glynnis Burleigh needed skin-grafts to her terribly burnt face and body.

Richard recalled how South Africa is now the rape and murder capital of the world. Every day, a hundred women are raped every day, fifty persons are murdered, men, women and children. Richard focused in particular on the fate of the thousands of white farmers and their families who have been brutally murdered; the farmers who feed the country. Richard said that we were in Parliament Square to remember and to mourn the victims of the vicious crimes that have engulfed South Africa since the ending of White-rule. In conclusion, Richard said that we are here to mourn the passing of White-rule and White civilisation in South Africa. Rest in peace all the victims of murder, rape and Terrorism. And we know and we condemn the British and American governments for their betrayal of White civilisation in Southern Africa.


Richard Edmonds