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In our country we have many great areas but here in our second city, Birmingham, once the first manufacturing town in the world, we have lost so much of our superb factories and industry, British Steel plants have been destroyed, British Leyland plants gone all now derelict land and no hope of new factories being built in the near future. In our inner city towns some are lost, its even dangerous to walk the streets in case of muggings, robbery, rapes and murders this has to stop and we at the National Front are Britain’s only hope. The traitors in our Parliament have let the British people down again and again, we have to make a stand against these liars and vermin that they are, it’s time for all of us to wake up and to realise that the National Front and only the National Front can take back our great country.

The National Front is currently running a consultation on Crime and Law and Order policy, please contribute any ideas.

The National Front are now on MeWe We have also started a BitChute channel both of these are still works in progress and we now have share buttons on our website for MeWe.