Social media is today awash with joy that Boris Johnson is now the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

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Brexiteers and even some Nationalists are on cloud 9 proclaiming Britain has a new saviour, a saviour that will deliver us the no deal Brexit that the majority 51.9% voted for.
Back in 1979 the British people were in shock at the amount of coloured immigration starting to flood London and other cities, just a few years previously the then Prime Minister, Ted Heath, allowed 27,000 Ugandan Moslems to move to England with the majority moving to Leicester.
This gave a strong boost to the National Front, a party then led by the late John Tyndall.
Numbers wise the National Front was the fourth largest political party in Great Britain and shock waves were running through the establishment parties that the National Front would make a break through in the General Election of 1979.
For this reason alone the Tory Party needed a tough talker, a Leader that would ease the electorates fear of immigration.
The National Front was putting in its largest campaign to date, standing over 300 candidates, the breakthrough to the mainstream was expected, then at the 11th hour Thatcher knowing the right buttons to press came out with “ the British people are afraid of being swamped, we will end immigration “, boom the National Fronts vote was stopped over night.
Thatcher went on to win the 79 election, she won it on a lie because not long after winning Thatcher opened the floodgates.
Because Thatcher promised to stop immigration she got the vote of many of the working class in that election, what a betrayal that over the next decade Thatcher would destroy traditional British industries and put those that voted for her on the dole as well as wrecking their communities.
Now let’s move forward 4 decades.
On the 23rd July 2019 Boris Johnson was elected by Tory Party members to lead the Tory Party and become Prime Minister of Great Britain.
Johnson replaced the weak and sinister Teresa May.
Like Thatcher in 79, Johnson was tugging on the heartstrings of the British people.
The majority of the British people are desperate for a no deal Brexit. Using tough rhetoric Johnson promised if elected he will deliver our no deal Brexit, really?
Will you Boris?
To deliver a no deal Brexit a majority of Parliament has to vote to approve it.
Can Johnson get that majority vote? Well going on all other votes to date I very much doubt it.
Johnson has been picked to rule and make promises to the British people just as Thatcher was in 1979.
Like many others I hate the Labour Party with avengence but I equally hate the treacherous Tory Party, on immigration the Tories have let in just as many if not more immigrants than the Labour Party, at least Labour are honest about their intentions whereas the Tories are just LIARS.
Like so many I long for the No Deal Brexit that I voted for, but I put no faith in BoJo the clown delivering it.
If he does all well and good but if he fails to get that majority vote, then what next? What next will be a deal that certainly will not benefit Great Britain, it will also be Tory Part business as usual.
In 1906 a book was published(a copy is in the British Library), in that book it states that leaders of political parties will be picked that have something to hide, if they do not tow the line, what they have to hide can be used against them.
When it comes to the Mainstream parties, just how true this is.
Kev Bryan