3rd Anniversary of Independence Day

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Today 23rd June is the third anniversary of the United Kingdoms historic vote to leave the European Union.

It’s now been three years since, against all odd the good people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU and our political rulers are still refusing to respect our democratic decision. In 2016 then Prime Minister David Cameron promised to honour the referendum and implement Article 50 within days of the result, if Leave won the Referendum. Cameron immediately reneged on his promise and resigned as PM. We will soon be on our third Prime Minister since the Referendum and still a Colony of the EU.

At the beginning of the Brexit Negotiations, I predicted that the aim of both the EU and our government was to negotiate a Brexit Deal so terrible that it would make remaining a colony of the EU look like a favourable option. Unfortunately, it looks like I was proven correct.

For anyone who believes that Theresa May tried her best to achieve Brexit, just look her record, first she called a snap General Election, claiming she wanted a bigger majority in Parliament (although on paper the Conservatives only had a majority of 10 from the 2015 General Election, once you factor in UKIP, DUP and UUP supporting Leave and Sinn Fein not taking their seats in Parliament, Leave supporting parties had a majority of 37 MP’s prior to the 2017 GE).

May then went on to appoint disgraced former MP for Croydon Central, Gavin Barwell as Downing Street Chief of Staff. For those readers not familiar with Barwell, some of the capers he has gotten up to over the years include, Leaking a confidential questionnaire response form a Croydon Central constituent to a local Newspaper, an embarrassing article about him was deleted from Wikipedia by a computer within the Houses of Parliament, Barwell wrote a book completely contradicting his own 2015 Election Expenses Return (If you believe his own book, Barwell overspent on his 2015 Campaign), He took home a letter sent to his campaign headquarters which was then read by his young son (causing him considerable distress) and following the Referendum result Barwell immediately took to twitter to condemn the Electorate, tweeting “Proud that my home town and the great city of which it is part rejected the politics of hate and division yesterday”. Barwell could obviously be relied on to be completely anti-Leave and willing to break the rules. According to the Telegraph it was Barwell who told Remain Cabinet ministers they could abstain a no deal Brexit vote in March.