71st Anniversary of the Windrush Scandal

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Today 22nd June marks 71 years since the Empire Windrush docked a Tilbury.

Although the Empire Windrush set sail from Kingston Jamaica, full of mainly male immigrants from all over the Caribbean, the term Windrush Generation generally applies to all Commonwealth immigrants that arrived as a result of the 1948 British Nationality Act.

Now seven decades later large parts of the UK have been almost entirely colonised and millions of White-British Youths have integrated into foreign cultures. While our government is wasting around £500,000 celebrating this disaster, at a risk of stating the obvious, we at the National Front would like to point out some of the negative effects of this tragedy.

  1. Blacks account for 13.7% of the prison population, but only 3.6% of the total population. Asians 7.1% of prisoners and 5.6% of total population.
  2. According to David Lammy, MP; The Diaspora African community in the UK send back £9bn more than the continent receives in Foreign Aid.
  3. Hundreds of Millions of pounds a year are spent placating immigrant communities, with community centres, charities and other schemes designed to help them preserve the cultures of their homelands and so they don’t have to integrate, if they don’t want to.
  4. Over 10% of children in care are Black, meaning that a black child is 3 times more likely than a white child to be in care.
  5. Anything that blacks seem to excel at, such as football or running is celebrated as a great achievement by them, but anything where they under achieve, such as literature or employment is blamed on society in general and white men in particular.

The list could go on forever.