The Tory Leadership is of interest to all – not just Tories

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Two definite Noes.



The media and the candidates for the leadership of the Tory party are concentrating on talking about their future policies, if and when they are elected. No mention if made of their basic personalities.

As Nationalists, we discount much of the hype, promises and boasts made by the candidates. However, we do look at their personal life, as we believe this is an important part of an assessment of the candidates. The following two candidates totally fail under our scrutiny and when you look at the entire field of candidates there are probably others also of very doubtful allegiances.

Boris Johnson has been married and divorced twice and fathered mixed race children and also has had a least one child out of wedlock – he tried to keep this child secret but a judge ruled that the public had a right to know about Johnson’s “reckless” behaviour. It is quite clear to Nationalists that Johnson is quite unstable and as the judge said “reckless”.

Jeremy Hunt is married to a Chinese woman and has mixed race children. Besides – to Nationalists – the crime of a mixed race marriage – could we rely on an unbiased decision by Hunt if China was involved?

To Nationalists it is clear that neither candidate cares about the Home nations that make up the United Kingdom and the future of that Race.

Nationalists believe that the next Tory Prime Minster should be English, Scots, Irish, Welsh or mixture thereof – and importantly have a commitment to preserve our Race.