Albert Mariner in remembrance.

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National Front activists made their annual visit to pay their respects to Albert Mariner who was murdered after having been hit on the head by a brick on the 3rd of May 1983.

He was walking to a National Front election meeting when he was set upon by a group of mainly black riots who had been mobilised by the local labour councillors to disrupt the meeting.

It is important to keep the memory of Mr Mariner alive for several reasons. He loved his country and lived for the National Front and he died for the National Front on the frontline defending his country.

Secondly no one was ever held accountable for his murder and no enquiry was ever launched ( despite promised) into the actions of the labour councillors for mobilising rioters against peaceful meetings.

And finally; throughout the course of our movement many of us have been physically attacked. We do not have the law on our side nor do we have politicians in our pockets to protect if we defend ourselves. This could very well be a scenario that could repeat itself.

We find ourselves questioning why if persons and specifically soldier “F” can find themselves and their alleged involved in events that took place in the early 1970s we see no reason why the organisers and promoters of the violence for a much more recent event cannot be brought into question.