National Front election campaigns, May 2019

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The final week-end before polling day in the Borough Council elections in England and Wales, saw teams of NF activists busily delivering their candidates’ election leaflets.

National Front Deputy Chairman Jordan Pont is standing in Ecclesfield East ward, Sheffield; NF Directorate member Chris Jackson is standing in Tomorden ward, Calderdale; and veteran Nationalist Steve Smith is standing for the NF in Brunshaw ward, Burnley. There are no local government elections this year in the London region.

As everybody knows these local government elections are now overshadowed by the Election that should NEVER have taken place. Mrs. Theresa May’s Tory government is now busily organising elections next month to the very European Parliament which her government promised that we would LEAVE. Anyone naive enough here to believe a word of what Tory politicians promise? The fact is Politics in Britain is on hold, dead-locked really as the country now waits (don’t hold your breath) to see whether the Brexit victory obtained at the 2016 Referendum will be honoured or whether the politicians at Westminster will cheat and betray us. Whatever, the National Front is making its plans and its preparations.

We wish our candidates and all other true racial-nationalists all the Best. There follows the short film that we made of our meeting held in support of election candidate Jordan Pont.   


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