National Front in the East Midlands.

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 The East Midlands area of the National Front consists of six counties, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. This is a large area and I am sure that there must be many Nationalists and supporters in the area who feel that consecutive governments have let this country down by continually ignoring the fact the multiculturalism and immigration is slowly wearing away our national heritage. The white population in Leicester is in the minority so how long will it be before this happens in your town or city. We are fighting with our backs to the wall and every street must be fought for and gained against the mass of multiculturalism… Yes, time to wake up people! Will you just sit back and see our once so glorious people and country get defeated and destroyed? Or… will you get up on your feet and stand side by side with us in the fight to get our country back? Remember, the choice you make today will affect the future for every one of us so please, do not just think about yourself and your wellbeing, think about future generations and what will be handed over to them! Nothing just a multicultural madness!!!

Join the National Front in the East Midlands today! Do your part, no matter how big or small, every effort you do counts! Together we can do it! Help us save our Race and Nation!

Please contact me if you want to get active, attend meetings or leaflet every little counts in the fight to save our country!!

Rob Poundall

[email protected]

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