Facebook banning of political parties

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Facebook, has just announced that the National Front and its chairman, Tony Martin, together with a number of other nationalist spokespersons and nationalist organisations, BNP, etc. have been banned from the social-,media platform The pretext given by Facebook is that the Nationalists named and their organisations have spread “hatred”, and have proclaimed ” a violent and hateful mission.” This is all lies. It has always been a criminal offence to incite violence and for the last forty years, ever since the Race Act, it has been a criminal offence to promote racial hatred. If any of the individuals named were guilty of either offence then they would have been charged by the judicial authorities, which is not the case. And if any of the nationalist organisations, NF, BNP, etc, had been found to promote violence then they would have been closed down as was National Action, But none of the organisations named by Facebook have been closed down by the Authorities.  This action by the private company which owns and managed Facebook, and which has a near monopoly of the social-media, represents a tyranny answerable to nobody. The older ones of us can remember a time when we were told the Britain fought two world wars to guarantee Freedom of Speech. Not any more. But friends, take heart. This banning is a form of back-handed compliment. Clearly it is recognised that Nationalists and only Nationalists are the true and only opposition to Mass-immigration and to the multi-criminal,nightmare-society being forced ontous..

A couple of years ago MPs were complaining that Facebook pays nearly no tax, now Facebook is still paying next to nothing but banning parties that oppose the Government politically. In fact, as of 2016 Met Police spending on Facebook adds had already exceeded £70k and total government spending of Facebook adds probably exceeds the just under £6m Facebook pay in tax on their £1.2bn UK revenue.