Theresa May humiliates Britain in begging the EU for more delay to Brexit.

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Shameless Tory Prime Minister, Theresa May, humiliated us when she went to Bruxelles this week  and begged the European Union for yet a another postponement to Brexit.

Britain voted to LEAVE the European Union on the 23rd. June 2016. So, Why were we not OUT the next day ? When the politicians win an election, they don’t waste any time moving into office and at Westminster they are moving into number 10, Downing Street the very next day. So why are we still waiting three and a half years later for the implementation of the winning BREXIT vote ?  Answer: because the plan has always been to sabotage the Brexit result. That’s what Mrs. May was doing in Bruxelles this week, kicking the can a further six months down the road. And note:  all with the kind permission of the very European Union that we are trying to leave.

Since it is obvious that Brexit is betrayed, the question arises why is UKIP and now Nigel Farage and his new Brexit party standing candidates in next month’s elections to the hated European Union parliament ? Patriots want OUT the EU, so why does Farage and company want IN ? Is it the fat salaries, no less than £86,000 a year plus expenses, paid to Euro-parliamentarians ? or are they such political dunces that they don’t understand that the establishment at Westminster is determined to keep us in ? What precisely is the purpose of British patriots being members now of the Euro-Parliament ?

The political fight is now HERE in the United Kingdom, the fight to destroy in the town halls and at Parliament the political credibility of the failure, traitor parties. True patriots will boycott next month’s Euro-elections.