North Yorkshire Branch meeting

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The latest meeting of the Scarborough and North Yorkshire Branch of the National Front was held at a venue near Scarborough on Saturday. 9th March, 2019.

A good turnout of members and supporters were treated to talks by four top speakers at this meeting, which was chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the National Front, Jordan Pont.

The first speaker was the Branch Secretary, Louise, who spoke in depth about the many achievements of great Britons of the past (often overlooked or even ignored, in favour of those of foreigners!)  Examples she gave being those of the “Nelsons”, our own great naval hero, Lord Horatio Nelson, eclipsed by the terrorist Mandela now, in the eyes of many, especially schoolchildren!  Also the case of the previously
unknown Mary Seacole, a black woman, who, whilst not even a nurse, is now put forward as a great nursing pioneer, whilst Florence Nightingale is all but forgotten.

The second speaker was veteran Nationalist and NF Directorate member, Richard Edmonds. Always a popular speaker, Richard opened  by
briefly touching on the subjects of Louise’s talk. Then he recounted the times he had been interviewed by the media about the National Front
(interviews which were then ignored.) He then spoke briefly about the issue of the Brexit votes to be held in Parliament the following week.
Jordan then announced a short break, during which a collection was taken, raising a sizable sum for Branch funds.

The third speaker to be introduced was Hull NF activist, Jon Mainprize. Jon gave a talk about money, who controls it and its effect on all of
our lives. Also about technology, and the possibility of future micro-chipping of the population, and its implications.

Jordan then introduced the final speaker of the afternoon, the National Front Chairman, Tony Martin.

Tony spoke about the legislation covering homosexuality, compared to its previously being illegal. And posthumous pardons for those convicted. He also condemned the on-going persecution / prosecutions of veterans of the Northern Ireland troubles, especially “Bloody Sunday”,  whilst the IRA were being
allowed to get away with their atrocities.

The meeting was then closed by Jordan, who thanked the speakers and all who had attended.