Scarborough Leafleting

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On Saturday the 9th of March a team of staunch activists , including the Deputy Chairman Jordan Pont, came into Scarborough Town Centre to distribute our fantastic ‘Enough is Enough’ leaflet.


Our team was able to distribute over a thousand leaflets in the town and our Deputy Chairman was able to meet with the locals, speak with them and remind locals that Scarborough voted for BREXIT!

Many locals expressed how they can no longer trust the TORY Party after the poor handling of Brexit negotiations.

We was also greeted with the local loony Communists, the SWP. Where we was able to educate them a little and have a photo with their paper sale table.


After the leafleting in the town, our Deputy Chairman and the activists went to the Scarborough Branch Meeting, where the Deputy Chairman, chaired the meeting. Branch meeting report to follow.

Long live the National Front.