Local activism makes news!

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From success to success!

Firstly our activists had a tremendous day of activism in Benfleet distributing hundreds of leaflets and talking to the locals about their concerns and secondly the local news paper Echo-News has published an article about our recruitment drive which has more than quadrupled our inquiries!

The source of the article comes from a “concerned local” by the name of MR.Joel Friedman, a member of the Jewish community on Canvey who has attacked not only our party by referring to us as fascists but democracy its self as he calls on the Home Secretary and local MP to ban and outlaw our party!
We would like to remind Mr Friedman that we are a lawful and legal political party registered with the Electoral Commission who speaks on behalf of our own community which we wish to preserve from outsiders influence.

For those who wish to read the article in full can do so by clicking on the link below