Research inquiry from sixth form student.

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To XXX of ZZZ School, Hello, here are my answers to your questions. Sincerely, Richard Edmonds, spokesman for the National Front.

Subject: Re: Research Enquiry

Dear Mr Edmonds,  Thank you for your email, my questions are as follows.

·        What does nationalism mean to you?

My answer: I take it for granted that men are communal creatures who absolutely need their communities. And I mean, “need in the absolute” sense. Men literally could not survive without the support-base of the community in which they live. (ship-wrecked sailors surviving on desert islands, possibly excepted). Which is why one should always support whole-heartedly one’s community. Our community is of course the British nation.

Now this is not some theoretical statement. We British are now a racial and cultural minority in our own capital city of London. When I was young, London was effectively a one hundred per-cent White British city. But now we are the minority, out-numbered by all the foreigners who have been permitted to enter Britain. As a result our British community has collapsed. In large parts of London white British people have become a rarity. Temples and mosques dedicated to alien religions dominate the sky-lines of many of our towns and cities. The alien occupation is  destroying  British civilisation. As a result  criminals have captured large parts of London and our other major cities and towns. Vicious crimes, crimes unheard of in a previous era are now committed regularly. In all this  the political authorities, the politicians  of the ruling regime based at the Westminster parliament, are utterly negligent in serving the needs of our people. You may know of the thousands of cases of White, English children under-age girls, who were sexually abused, tortured and raped by gangs of Asian criminals for years on end, crimes committed with impunity, crimes which the authorities, the politicians, the Council leaders, the Council so-called care-workers and the Police knew all about but chose to turn a blind eye to. I repeat, for years on end thousands of children were victims of vile criminals and the authorities deliberately did nothing.. 

When I say that British civilisation is collapsing, I do not exaggerate.

·       – In your view, why do older generations generally feel a stronger sense of national identity than their younger equivalents?

My answer: Older generations have a different perspective because they know how things were at an earlier time; whereas younger people see that world now, for the first time, so to speak. However I think that all generations have the same innate sense of national identity, even if they express it  somewhat differently.

·        – What specific events have inspired the nationalistic sentiment exhibited by organisations such as National Front?

My answer: The focus of your question here is on specific events. The National Front was founded over fifty years ago in 1967 by a number of far-seeing patriots. Mass-immigration from the Third-world, from India, Pakistan, the  West Indies, etc.,  was becoming a serious concern. The British people did not want to import into our country the notorious race-problems of the Southern States of the USA. In the 1960s people knew all about the  race and religious and communal problems of India and Pakistan. When the British gave independence to India and British Law and Order were removed then a million Indians were murdered in savage riots between Muslims and Hindus. Naturally people did not want those problems brought here. This was the social and political background to the famous warning given by the Conservative member of Parliament, Enoch Powell, who warned: “We must be mad. literally mad, to be allowing mass-immigration into Britain. The country is piling up its own funeral pyre.” Powell spoke for the nation; and his speech propelled racial-nationalism and the National Front into the centre of British politics where it remains to this day.

·        – What do you see as the cause(s) of the popularity enjoyed by nationalistic movements such as National Front?

My answer: The increasing popularity enjoyed by nationalistic movements such as National Front is a natural and healthy response to the globalisation and mass immigration forced onto us by the ruling regimes in the various White countries and specifically here in the U.K.

·        – Have globalisation and mass immigration strengthened your own sense of national identity?

My answer: my own sense of national identity was latent until I personally experienced the effects of mass-immigration here in Britain. I then considered the implications of continuing mass-immigration which caused me to decide to take a public, political stand against the policy of mass-immigration and hence I became an active member of the National  Front.

·       – In your view, is Brexit a result of heightened nationalistic sentiment in the UK?

My answer: There has always been a strong nationalistic sentiment in the UK. There has always been for the last fifty years opposition to Britain’s membership of the European Union, as it is currently constituted. But there is no doubt that the decision three years ago  of the mad German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to permit and encourage a million foreigners to pour in from the Middle East and elsewhere into Europe and without any check what so ever on the nature and character, criminal or otherwise, of these would-be migrants: there is no doubt that for millions of Britons their understanding  for the  need to safe-guard Britain’s borders was greatly heightened. 

F I N I S.