An issue that could eventually tear Labour apart.

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Already racked with accusations of anti Semitism a further Unexploded bomb nestles deep inside Corbyn’s Labour Party.

A large portion of the Labour vote is made up of both Moslems and Gays & Lesbians.

For years British Nationalists have seen the opposition against us made up of LGBT activists and Moslems, standing side by side to hurl abuse at British patriots.

Nationalists can of course see through the pantomime. The LGBT love to cosy up to the followers of the Prophet, it gives them a sense of acceptance, the truth is of course that the Moslems who’s side they are at actually despise them and their lifestyle. Given half the chance and the Gay Men would be launched from tall buildings whilst the lesbians would be having their craniums caved in with rocks. These are the punishments as commanded by their Holy Book.

For several weeks now a row has been escalating at the Parkfield Scool in Birmingham.

The assistant Head Teacher Andrew Moffat is a Homosexual. Mr Moffat decided that the pupils of the school(mainly Moslems) need to be thought about Gay & Lesbian lifestyles and how it is perfectly normal for children to have 2 mums or 2 dads.

Mr Moffat started the No outsiders programme as the vehicle with which to push his views onto the Primary school pupils. Part of the programme includes books such as King & King, I would have thought Queen & Queen would have been more appropriate.

Several weeks ago parents of the Moslem children cottoned on to what was going on and about 20 parents withdrew their children from the school.

Since then Parents have picketed the school daily, it has escalated to the point that 600 pupils have now been withdrawn from the school.

Nationalists have predicted things like this for many years, it was plain for all to see, as a Moslem is quoted in the newspaper article “Islam strictly forbids Homosexuality”, his words not the words of a nationalist just out to spread hate & fear.

The Editors of the newspaper have been very careful as to not upset either side. They do though quote Amanda Spielman who is the Chief inspector of Ofstead, Spielman has condemned the parents and thinks it is important that children are taught about(brainwashed) same sex families.

So the unexploded bomb, the assistant Head Teacher Andrew Moffat at a guess is a supporter of Jeremy’s Labour Party, the Moslem parents will also be supporters of Corbyn.

What would the Labour leaders stance be on this issue?

It is a question that needs to be asked because Moslems see Labour as their vehicle to eventual power, the LGBT crowd also give their support to Labour and the trade unions and up until now the Labour movement have been in bed with the LGBT and its pervert members such as Peter Tatchel and cross dresser Eddie Izzard, just what will happen to the likes of Izzard & Tatchel as Moslems get more powerful within the Labour Party?

The National Front holds very strong views on both issues.

All promotion of Homosexuality should be stopped, the teaching in schools should only be on the traditional natural family unit, Homosexual teachers would be sacked. Gay Pride festivals would be outlawed.

As for Islam, again it’s teachings would be outlawed and it’s followers would be repatriated back to their countries of origin.

It may be several years before the National Front is given the mandate to put their policies into action so for now we educate people to our natural way of thinking and we sit back and enjoy the joys of diversity and wait for the touchpaper to burn on the UXB.

Kev Bryan