The old order

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We Nationalists have been predicting for years that one day soon this putrid corrupt old order will surely collapse.A system that is rotten to the core, propped up by the equally rotten corrupt bankers & media would most certainly destroy itself from within, it could of course have been destroyed earlier if Nationalism had of been stronger but we know don’t we that our main hope was destroyed by someone on a parr with those treacherous leaders of Lib/Lab/Con, unfortunately him and his lackeys were able to destroy the BNP long before the BNP could destroy the old order.

This week though at long last we are witnessing the slow collapse, on Monday 7 Labour MPs defected followed by another 1 today and today 3 Tories including the vile Anna Soubry have departed to join the breakaway group.It is noted that the 3 Tory women are all from the remain camp, they will now join this new Independent group from Labour that left their party because they disagreed with the leadership on its handling of Brexit and that other old chestnut that us nationalists have always had thrown at us anti-semitism.

Soubry claims that the hard line, right wing anti EU squad are now at the helm of the Tory Party, well as a nationalist I have to disagree, the Tory leadership is and always has been pro EU and as for hard line, hard line on what? Because the Tory party have been equally as complicit in our destruction as a race & nation as the Labour Party have.Immigration & crime have got much much worse under this present Tory Government.

Us Nationalists have always maintained that Westminster is just one big club and that really there is no difference between the 3 main parties. You have to ask yourself, do any of these MPs have an ideology? Well my answer is that they all follow the cultural wrecking ideology of Marxism, we have an example here of the supposed left wing Labour MPs joining forces with Conservatives to form this new independent group.

I am also asking myself has this all been a deliberate establishment plan to derail Brexit? This independent group now have more MPs than the Unionists, maybe that theory is just a conspiracy theory but who knows?What I am sure is that in the next few days & weeks many more MPs will join this new group.Nationalists long to see splits in the mainstream parties, we long for the demise of the old order.

This year the National Front has gained many new members, many have never before been involved in Nationalism.Now is the time for the party to put these new members to work, the Party have to stand more candidates in elections, it’s Organisers have to work harder in building up branches, they have to do more Political work and as I said when I first became Party Chairman “Those on the Directorate should lead by example” and that means standing in elections.There has to be more to being an Organiser and being on the Directorate than a monthly meeting and Political Opportunities can no longer be missed because of laziness.


The Party has to grow like it was doing in 2014-2015.I still believe that the long established name of the National Front will eventually win the day, new parties come and new parties go, some have an initial surge of members but most collapse within just a few years.We also have to steer well clear of so called groups that go under the unity banner, one such group invited speakers from the NF to their inaugural meeting but the founders of this group, well at least one of them had absolutely no intention of joining or promoting the National Front, the words Modus Operandi spring to mind.

Last weekend in Burnley nationalists put out over 1000 NF leaflets, the old Burnley BNP members are now joining the NF, down South another NF team put out many leaflets. The NF are once again getting active, getting ready to fight in Mays elections, working towards building a solid party that will eventually replace this putrid old order.How many in the Unity group will even stand as independent nationalists. The time for talking shops about what we should and shouldn’t do is over, talking gets us nowhere, it is action and electoral victory that will eventually replace the old order.That victory will only come if people ditch the talking shops and get actively involved with an established Nationalist Party.


Long Live The National Front.

Kev Bryan