Call to Action

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Dear fellow members

Our country is in terrible downward spiral, with crime and social deprivation rife in every city town and village throughout this once ‘ green and pleasant land’.

The same old Lib/Lab/Con trick parties are quite content to keep feeding the electorate garbage and ghost promises, which never make it past the council chamber bog door, unfortunately.

So how are you going to fight this injustice inflicted on the British people?

How’s about standing as a candidate for a lawful legal Nationalist political party and making a real difference for your friends, family and community?.

By standing as an NF candidate you will be not only be being pro-active in protecting the British way of life and our history heritage identity and culture, but ( and probably most importantly) giving the downtrodden predominantly white working class a voice, and a vote for real change.

So if you are of good standing and tired of lazy councillors’ sitting on their hands’, then consider representing The National Front in May’s elections.

After all, we all signed up to participate in activities and build the NF.

Michael Sharpe.