“Save Brexit”, screamed yesterday’s press headlines.

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Now Parliament has down voted Theresa’s May’s Brexit plan.

Don’t hold your breath. Whenever have the “Honourable members,” the party politicians at Westminster, when have they ever saved Britain or lifted a finger to safeguard the rights and vital interests of the British people ?  Look around you; look at what they have done to our country; look at our British cities and towns: they have been filled with foreigners and aliens; our major cities are wrecked with crime and with Sharia law coming down to the line. 

The politicians, Tory politicians, Labour politicians and the Lib-Dems have reneged on every assurance and election promise that they have ever made. We are witnesses to their duplicity. They are not going to change now.

Mrs. Theresa May is right about one thing though: if Brexit is not delivered, if the Westminster parliament delivers Betrayal instead then the British people are going to learn that our “Democracy“ is a sham and a lie. Today we are all witnessing the wheeling and dealing at the Westminster as the MPs wriggle and twist in a clear and blatant attempt to deny the seventeen million plus British patriots the LEAVE victory that we won at the Referendum.

What we can be sure of is that in the European Union or out of it, mass-Immigration with millions of Third-worlders from Africa, Asia, Pakistan, China, etc., etc. will continue unabated flooding into Britain. The old gang party politicians, Tory, Labour, Lib-Dem, makes no difference, they are all the same, they are all anti-British traitors who in their hearts want to destroy us and turn us, the British, into a minority in our own country.

We in the National Front know this. The National Front was founded fifty years ago by far-seeing patriots, educated men and women precisely because they saw then that the clowns and nincompoops and traitors at Westminster were leading our nation to destruction. The National Front, and only the National Front,  has been right from Day One.

Long Live Britain. Long Live the National Front.