Successful Scarborough branch meeting

Saturday the 8th of December saw off the year for the National Front with its final branch meeting being held in the sea-side town of Scarborough.

North Yorkshire & Scarborough organiser Trisha Scott hosted the meeting and this is what she had to say in regards to the meeting “I was very happy with how this meeting went. We had excellent speakers and a good turnout of members and supporters I look forward to more of the same and more activities and growth of the NF here in Scarborough in the coming year”.

The meeting was well and truly attended with 40 attendees in high spirits about the year ahead and future activities they had planned.

The party was given an early Christmas present in form of an informative debut speech from John Mainprize from Hull who spoke about Ukrainian Holodomor which is remember yearly on November 24, 2018. The Holodomor was a man-made famine designed by the Communists to subdue the population into submission by simply removing or destroying all crops and live stock.

John Mainprize also spoke of how in previous weeks in Madrid plaques had been erected in remembrance of communists who had undertaken executions of Nationalist prisoners and men of the cloth during their 1936 civil war. The irony is one of the local churches in conjunction with the local school in Spain was a centre point for the source of their inspiration.

The final Speaker is recently appointed Deputy Chairman Jordan Pont who gave a talk about an over whelming response to a leafleting session he had been involved in earlier in the day and how the National Front had been greeted with open arms and many had commented on a lack of other political parties that had been seen in the area since Brexit.

He spoke strongly in his belief of white unity behind the National Front and his dream of repatriation he also called our phony nationalist parties who occasionally speak a good game but their soul intention is to seek your donation.

He further condemned the British media in its up playing of a Syrian Refugee who had a school fight with in English boy, which subsequently forced the English boy to flee home for fear of a blood thirsty Muslim lynch mob and its consistency in down playing or out right ignoring attacks against the indigenous population by immigrants

The National Front is Britain’s oldest racial nationalist party. To put up a front about globalisation you must join “The Front”

Together we shall win and we will free Britain.

Long live the National Front.