Looking forward to the New Year.

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A New Years Message From Richard Edmonds and the National Front

Friends, members and supporters, it gives us great satisfaction to announce that we are witnessing the collapse of the hateful, anti-British Establishment. Before our very eyes, all the political enemies, the failures, the duds, the traitors, all those with malice and hatred in their hearts, they are all coming to a sticky and final end: just as we knew that they would.

The British National party is now finished, dead, destroyed by unprincipled money-grabbers and charlatans.  Meantime Nigel Farage’s multi-racial, civic-nationalist UKIP is now minus Farage and in the hands of Tommy -“I love Israel” – Robinson. True patriots have not forgotten that Israel was spawned in the blood of British soldiers murdered by Jewish terrorists in Palestine at the end of the Second World war. Meantime we all witness at Westminster the “Honourable members” lining up to stick the knife into prime minister, Theresa -“Running scared” – May. (Today’s press headline as this article is being written). The question is, whether Theresa May will still be prime minster on New Year’s day ? Friends, with the collapse of her government we are witnessing political Justice. For decades the Tories have lied to the British people at every election and on every occasion, and now the BREXIT vote has found them out. Will May or which ever Tory con-man replaces her organise the Exit from the hated European Union which we voted for ? Don’t hold your breath: you know that the Tories ALWAYS lie, and they are not going to be different this time. A leopard does not change its spots, and the fact is that Tories’ first and only loyalty is to the finance houses of City of London and to no-one else. Probably before much longer this country will be groaning under the Marxist rule of prime minister Corbyn and his chums; and this Left-wing nightmare will be what May and her government by their betrayal of the BREXIT vote will have bequeathed the nation. And the nation will not forget and not forgive. So, brace yourselves for what is coming.

The National Front was founded fifty years ago by far-seeing men and women who knew then that the clowns and traitors at Westminster were leading our nation to its ruin. Friends, if we remain true and brave and stick to our nationalist principles, we can yet win through.

Long live the National Front.