Labours war on the White Working Class.

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Labour MP for Croydon Central, Sarah Jones has organised a work experience program in journalism for Black and Asian youths.

Jones claims that ethnic minorities are under represented in the journalism profession. She claims that Whites make up 94% of journalists and only 87% of the population. I assume that she got this statistic from ‘Journalists in the UK’, a survey of 700 journalists. The use of this statistic is flawed for a number of reasons. Firstly it fails to take account of the over representation of Jews in journalism, Jews make up 0.4% of the population and at least 2.7% of journalists, making them nearly 7x over represented (the survey only looks at Jews as a religion, not a racial group, many Jews may have given their religion as non-religious). Once Jews are factored out, White non-Jews make up 86.75% of the population and 91.3% of journalists. Secondly according to the survey, conducted in 2015, the average journalist had been in the business for 18.5 years, meaning the average journalist working at the time of the survey would have started work in 1997, so it would be more accurate to look at the 1991 and 2001 census’s and estimate that 93% of the UK population would have been White. Thirdly there have been a number of anti-White initiatives in the 3 years since the survey was conducted, such as the BBC baring White applicants from some positions. So Whites aren’t over represented in journalism and that’s before you take into account literacy in the English Language.


I sent an email to Sarah Jones pretending to be an 18 year old black kid from a middle class background and she confirmed that there is no means testing to be accepted on the work experience. I then emailed her from my own email address asking where she got her figures from but so far I have not received a response.


If Jones is serious about addressing over representation in journalism perhaps she she look at the part of the survey that address’s political affiliation where 56% of UK Rank and File Journalists describe themselves as Left-wing compared to 18% who describe themselves as Right-wing or look at the part that says ‘Christians, Muslims and Hindu’s are significantly under represented while Jews and people who aren’t religious are significantly over represented’.

Discriminating against White Working Class Kids, does nothing to combat nepotism in journalism. People from rich or middle class backgrounds still have better access to education and employment, while The Labour Party viciously push the White Working Class to the back of the queue.