Justice for Charlene Downes!

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Walking home in her home town of Blackpool a 14 year old child with her whole life ahead of her is never seen again.

Charlene Downes, the 14 year old daughter of a former military man was last sited on 01/11/2003 in Black Pool Town Centre.

As the investigation grew it became apparent that the police was aware of a large grooming operation of white children in the area being undertaken by Asian immigrants however due to fear of the word “racist” and in an attempt to remain politically correct they turned a blind eye to the situation until it was too late.

As per a report undertaken by The Telegraph news paper it had “identified 11 takeaway shops in the town centre which were being used as ‘honeypots’ where the non-white men preyed on young white victims, who were given food, alcohol and cigarettes in return for sex.”

It is not known fully what happened to Charlene Downes but tapes was uncovered of a local kebab take away owner confessing to having raped her and then disposed of her body in a kebab mincer.

Whilst we do not know for certain the exact nature of her death what we can be certain is the police can hang their heads in shame at turning their back on white children in the name of political correctness.

One day justice will be served.