National Front Alternative Autumn Budget 2018

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The National Front recommend the following budget to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Income tax threshold should rise from £11,850 pa to £1,150 per month (£13,800 max pa) by having a monthly threshold rather than annual, will prevent migrant workers from undercutting British Workers by working a few months and then claiming all of their tax back.

Cut duty on beer by 50p per pint when consumed on premises (pubs, clubs, hotels) Cut duty on cigarettes by 50p per packet. Cut the duty free allowance to 40 cigarettes, 6 beers, 1 bottle of wine (including from EU countries). For too long the working class have been paying duty while many rich people avoid it by taking regular trips abroad.

Introduce a tax of £10 per suitcase at customs for flights or vessels arriving from Jamaica, Columbia and other routes that are used for drug smuggling, to fund the searching of every bag.

Stop subsidising house building. This will save £44bn per annum. We shouldn’t be getting further in debt building homes for more immigrants.

Remove all Asylum Seekers to a safe country, with less appealing benefits and economy. (The cost of transit and paying a recipient country would be more than offset by the savings in admin and rent here)

End Foreign Aid. This will save £14bn per annum.

Increase the pay of the armed services by around £4k per person per year. This would prevent Service Personnel being paid less than the minimum wage and could be partly offset by savings in recruitment advertising. Also increase the wages NHS Care Workers by £2k and increase the numbers of health care professionals being trained here.

Charge foreigners more to use our NHS.

Privatise Channel 4 and start breaking up the BBC into smaller companies, ready for privatisation (each channel would be a separate company and archives would be sold off separately) TV Tax would be abolished at the time of privatisation.