National Front call to unity

Following on from the National Fronts’ incredibly successful AGM  which saw many great speakers including a former member of the European Parliament we can confirm that NF HQ has been struggling to keep up with the vast influx of new members membership forms!
These news members come from all walks of life all regions ,classes and political parties and includes new activists itching to get active in the movement to turn the tide against the on ongoing invasion and old hands coming home to find themselves welcomed with open arms.
Many have fled from the former flagship of British nationalism which has again entered into a state of civil war which has caused not for the first time the chairman to find himself toppled to the wayside and a acting chairman in situe to act as a caretaker whilst they await further legacies to fund their wages.
Others have returned from the various off shoot ” nationalist parties” which focused purely on the issues of English Nationalism in a sort of civic nationalism/anti Scottish approach however this party has been made practically defunct on account of the Scottish vote of independence and their opting to remain within the union.
Others have been flocking en Mass from the former anti-European party pushing a pseudo- inclusive British nationalism which like the others has been made defunct due its “personalities” leaving and numerous on going scandals.
All have found a home with the growing National Front and our fight for ” race and nation” with our unique and unchanging policy of repatriation.
We take this time to ask nationalists and patriots alike to put aside egos an histories and return to the nations longest standing nationalist political party.”