National Front AGM 2018

Annual General Meeting a great success

On Saturday, 6th. October the National Front held its AGM in a pleasant town in Yorkshire. Without exaggeration the NF meeting was one of the most enjoyable and successful nationalist meetings held in a long time. All who attended the packed meeting will agree. Another big bonus was that there were present, members and supporters from all regions and provinces and the nations that make up the United Kingdom; and that was also a first in a long time. The ambience was great and the scrumptious buffet served at the end enhanced the social atmosphere: it was difficult to get members leave at the end, as those of us who had to catch trains can confirm.

The NF AGM was the meeting of those racial nationalists serious about saving our people. The chairman was veteran nationalist, Chris Jackson from Lancashire. The first speaker was our newly appointed head of Security, Paul Davies. Paul told us that he, born and bred in Doncaster, took the decision to become an active nationalist because he could see our Britain, the Britain that our forbears had built and bequeathed to us, he could see our Britain being destroyed.

Our guest speaker was Andrew Brons, National Front chairman in the 1980s,  and former elected MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside. The theme that Andrew Brons addressed was how best to make Nationalist parties secure from the likelihood of Home Office bans and at the same electable without compromising our ideology. Given the number of hot-headed nationalists now languishing in Her Majesty’s prisons, Andrew Brons’ advice was most timely and welcome.

Our newly elected chairman, Tony Martin addressed the AGM. Tony thanked our previous chairman, Kevin Bryan for his years at the top. Tony continued and spoke for all of us when he said that “Britain is not suffering a housing-crisis; Britain is suffering an immigration-crisis.” Without doubt this will be one of our major campaigning slogans, going forward. Tony announced that  the Albert Mariner shield for commitment and activism would go this year to Mike Easter. Mike is now in his 80’s and the man regularly leads leafletting teams across his region in the South of England. Mike sets an example to all.

Our chairman was followed at the speaker’s rostrum by our new appointed Deputy chairman, Yorkshire-man, Jordan Pont. Jordan gave a most passionate speech. We want activism, activism, and more activism was Jordan’s battle-cry to the assembly.

Finally speaker was Directorate member Richard Edmonds. Richard spoke of his membership of the National Front in the 1970s. What made the Front famous in those years was the slogan: “Stop Immigration; Start Repatriation.” We have to go back to that, Richard said, if we want to return our country back to us, the native born Britons.

Meeting chairman, Chris Jackson in his final words thanked all those for attending and he thanked in particular Paul Davies and his Security team.