National Front Wakefield Demonstration

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On Saturday afternoon, the 7th. July, National Front activists held a very successful hour’s long demonstration in the very centre of the West Yorkshire town of Wakefield. Before crowds of shoppers and well-wishers, positioning our selves at the Bull Ring, Wakefield, the National Front denounced the crimes committed by the criminal Grooming gangs. For years and years and years, right across the whole of the North of England, the vile Grooming gangs had sexually assaulted, raped and sold English children, some as young as eleven and twelve years of age, into prostitution. And for years and years and years, the Authorities deliberately turned a blind eye to the rape of White, English children that was taking place in their very own towns. To their undying shame, the Authorities, the Council leaders, the elected Borough and Town councillors, the so-called child-care workers did absolutely nothing to protect these defenceless, vulnerable children. By their silence and inaction, the Authorities enabled the vile, criminal Grooming gangs to continue to commit their crimes for years and years with impunity. To their undying shame, by their silence and inaction Labour Councillors, Tory councillors and Liberal-Democrat councillors were complicit in the crimes of the Grooming gangs.

These were the points made by the two National Front speakers at the Wakefield open-air public rally. Party Chairman, Kevin Bryan and NF activist, Richard Edmonds, both rightly emphasized that it was the campaigns of British Nationalists which had broken the conspiracy of silence and forced the issue of the crimes of the Grooming gangs onto the front-pages of the newspapers. It was the BNP councillor for Rotherham, West Yorkshire, Marlene Guest, who had campaigned for years to expose the cover-up of the crimes being committed in her town by the vile Grooming gangs. And it was British Nationalists who exposed the shameful fact that the Grooming gangs consisted mainly of Asian criminals, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Turks, Iraqis and Arab criminals. All credit to the late, brave Marlene Guest.

The successful rally ended with three spontaneous cheers for the National Front which all those present and listening joined in.

All credit to Kevin Bryan and to the NF Security team for organising the day’s activity.