Enoch Powell’s River of Blood speech

Fifty years ago today, 20th. April 1968, the true and brave Enoch Powell, Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South West, stood up and spoke for Britain and warned the nation:

“We must be mad, literally mad to be letting such vast numbers of Third-worlders pour into Britain. The nation is piling up its own funeral-pyre.” Powell, the former university professor of Classics, quoted the Roman poet, Virgil, “Like the Roman I see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood.’”

Powell’s speech electrified the nation and totally divided it. On the one side millions of patriotic, responsible Britons recognised instantly the truth of Powell’s warning, and on the opposing side was the heartless political Establishment, who then and now hold the British people in contempt. Powell, the champion of the British people, was thrown into the political wilderness.

Powell gave his warning that Rivers of Blood would flow. And we witness now, fifty years later, the rivers of our people’s blood flowing: here are some of the victims of the multi-racial, multi-criminal nightmare that has been forced onto us by the wicked and heartless establishment:

The list of victims includes these youngsters:

August 1994 Richard Everitt of North London, aged 16;
March 2004 Kris Donald of Glasgow, aged 15;
September 2001 Ross Parker, of Peterborough, aged 17 ;
March 2013 Christina Edkins, a school girl aged 15, murdered by an African on a bus in central Birmingham;
Feb 2013 Aaron Dugmore, a school boy aged 9 who hanged himself, “bullied to death for being white”, the Sun newspaper;
Sept 1997 Daniel Moore, aged 12, of Hounslow, West London;
Danny O’Shea of East London;
Billy Gregory;
Terry Gregory, aged 19, Dec. 2003;
Daniel Higgins, aged 18, Nov 2003;
David Ross, aged 16, Dec. 2003.

Rivers of blood.

The headmaster, Mr. Lawrence, stabbed to death in North London in his own school by one of the pupils, an immigrant youth from the Philippines.

Drummer Lee Rigby, savagely done to death by two Africans in Woolwich, South London.

People talk about “racism” and race-hate, well they usually don’t know what they are talking about. When the British Empire was closed down at the end of the Second World War and British soldiers, policemen, judges and jailers evacuated India, and British Law and Order was no longer present to keep the peace, then massive inter-communal strife broke out and a million natives were murdered as Hindus slaughtered Muslims, and Muslims slaughtered Hindus.

Powell had served as a British officer in India during the War and he , witnessed the bloody mayhem. When the debate took place in the Westminster Parliament on the state of Race relations in Britain following the 1985 Tottenham, North London, riots in which a Police office, P.C Keith Blakelock, was hacked to death by a mob of black savages, then every MP present wondered what Powell would now say. Enoch Powell rose from his seat, looked around at the assembled parliamentarians and said, “You’ve seen nothing yet”, and sat down.

We remember and we mourn the victims of the July 2005 Islamist terrorist bombing of the buses and tube trains of the London transport system in which 52 passengers were killed and hundreds injured.

And we remember and we mourn the victims of the Islamist terrorist bombing, May 2017, of the pop concert at the Manchester Arena which cost 22 young people including seven children their lives, and which left many dreadfully injured;

March 2017, an Islamist terrorist deliberately drove his car onto the pavement on Westminster Bridge, right beside the Houses of Parliament, leaving five crushed to death and dozens seriously injured;

June 2017, seven were killed and many injured on London Bridge when Islamist terrorists again deliberately drove a vehicle into crowds of young people.

The Rivers of Blood.

And we mourn the old folk, victims of the multi-racial, multi-criminal nightmare forced onto us:

In 1986, Kenneth Erskine, known to the Police as the Stockwell strangler, was arrested and charged with murder. Kenneth Erskine murdered defenceless old folk living alone. Erskine’s reign of terror took place in Stockwell, South London, just across the river Thames from the Houses of Parliament. He was found guilty of the murder of seven old age pensioners, but the Police have reason to believe that he had murdered dozens more….Yes, dozens more, you read that right. Erskine’s technique was to strangle his victim, men and women and then to bugger them, before or after death. Erskine, a West Indian, may be Britain’s most prolific murderer. Never heard of him ? News-media did not give the case enough publicity ? Maybe because Erskine was black and his victims White.

A crime-wave without precedent has been let lose on the British people. The inner areas of our major cities have been turned into permanent crime and riot zones, where nobody feels safe and where nobody would want to live or raise a family. Rivers of Blood.

And let us not forget the horror that was inflicted by the West Indian, Delroy Grant, on vulnerable, respectable old folk living on their own in Bromley and Croydon, South London. Delroy Grant, known to the Police as the Night-Stalker, raped hundreds of elderly women and men (Yes, elderly men were raped by this beast) for twenty long years before the Police put a stop to his reign of terror and depravity. News-media did not give this case much publicity ? Maybe because Delroy Grant was black and his victims White.

And let us not forget the thousands of children, White, under-age English girls raped and sold into prostitution by the vile criminal Asian grooming-gangs. The vile Asian criminals were enabled by the Authorities to carry out their rapes of English children for years on end, right across the North of England with complete impunity. The Authorities knew all about their crimes and for years made no attempt to stop them.

The list of the victims does not end with this record: Let us remember the victims of the past and let us mourn the future victims, because the Authorities are making no attempt to control the criminals that they have let lose upon us. On the contrary their open-door immigration policy of inviting the whole world into our country ensures that more muggers, murderers, rapists, terrorists, child-rapists will enter Britain, so the list of the victims of the multi-racial, multi-criminal nightmare will grow ever longer, and the Rivers of the blood of our people will continue to flow, just as Powell warned.

Enoch Powell, the man who warned us.

With acknowledgements to Jack Black’s compendium, Black List; and to the internet-site listing the victims, Fallen list of white victims <thefallenlist.blogspot.co.uk>