Chairman’s statement;The false idea of Parliamentary Democracy

The idea of Parliamentary Democracy is so that the people of the nation can elect the Political Party that will best serve theirs and the nations interests.
Those Political Parties then select a leader to make sure those interests are carried out.
Let’s look at the last five;
John Major Tory
Tony Blair Labour
Gordon Brown Labour
David Cameron Tory
Teresa May Tory
Non of them or their parties have given a damn about those that elected them, non have had the countries best interests at heart.
All have been servants to the Rothschilds and other vested interests.
John Major took our troops into the first Gulf War along with George HW Bush, since then our troops have been permanently involved in conflicts that are non of our business.
Fighting in Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and now what could lead to a major conflict in Syria.
No British interests were ever threatened, these wars have all been based on lies & deception.
Our leaders are elected to serve us(we pay their wages) but everyone of them has lied to us.
The same deceit applies to immigration, you could say it started with Heath and the Ugandan Moslems but it started a couple of decades before that, but following on from Heath, Thatcher lies to the Electorate in the run up to polling day in 1979 when she made a passionate speech that the British people were frightened of being swamped. The British people genuinely were frightened of being swamped and they took the Iron Lady to her word, shortly after her landslide victory Maggie opened the floodgates and swamped the British people and our nation.
So if we say mass immigration started in 1979 with Thatcher and has continued and excelled with every successive Prime Minister, we get to the point that in the Census of 2011 just 32 years later where our Capital City London has gone from being a City made up of homogeneous people’s, sharing the same cultures and British ways of life to a Capital City where the indigenous British people are now in a minority, Bradford, Leicester and other towns & cities have also gone the same way.
We have over 5 million Moslems now living in our nation, we have thousands of Mosques and over 100 Sharia courts, we have huge groups of Moslems laying down their prayer mats and praying in our streets and parks, we have had maybe hundreds of thousands of young white girls raped in the name of Islam and it’s culture.
Mass immigration has given our Capital a huge increase in knife murders, of course though these are all black on black gang murders(and they say black lives matter! Only when murdered by whites!)
Mass immigration has also bought us acid attacks, a new phenomenon but one that is spreading.
All of this mass immigration has been allowed by those leaders and those Political Parties that the British people have elected to serve their best interests.
Is there anyone that seriously believes that our interests are best served by fighting unnecessary wars that are non of the Nations business?
Is there anyone that seriously believes that our interests are best served by mass immigration and population change?
It’s time the long suffering British people sat back and looked at the betrayal after betrayal committed by the liars in Westminster.
There is an alternative, a Political Party set up 50 years ago, a Party with a full manifesto of policies to put right and reverse the rot that these treacherous Politicians have bestowed upon us.
The answer for a happy nation has to be nationalism, a system of Government that has the interests of the people and the nation state at heart.
The National Front has the answers, what the National Front needs to put those answers into action is YOU, it needs new blood, it needs those nationalists that since the destruction of the BNP have sat on the fence, many gave it their all, many gave it their best(myself included), but to me giving up was never an option, eventual victory can be the only answer.
As well as those nationalists the National Front offers a home to those millions of indigenous British people that despair at the state of our country and the lies & betrayal of Lib/Lab & Con.
They have let you down for decades, they are not about to change.
Join the party you can trust, join the party for change.
Kevin Bryan