London branch leafleting session.

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As the elections are fast approaching our activist teams have been exceptionally busy in the area where we are standing candidates.

We have had teams out across London today spreading the message of our candidates and even in area where we currently have no candidates to build support for upcoming events and future elections.

The party is standing under a policy of local people first especially in reference to the extensive recent over housing development within the borough which includes building on all available green spaces and threatening the local parks! you can guarantee will be used to enrich the area and with the over spill of London’s imported population!

If evidence was needed that the main parties are against us as evident in the news report from the local news paper where a special seminar was put on with the sole intention of getting muslims active and voting on the future of the borough.

We urge the local residents to think of the future when they vote on the third for their future.

Pictured is Kevin Layzell who is one of our candidates and is standing in Harold Hill in Havering and hopes to be the voice of reason on the council!

A proud nationalist who has stood for election from local level to being a candidate at European parliamentary level and continuously active in nationalist politics since 2012.