Robert Batten RIP

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Yesterday Tuesday 10th April I attended the funeral of Nationalist stalwart Robert Batten(Bob).
The funeral was held in Wallsend North Tyneside.

Bob Batten was for many years a member of the National Front and he stood in many elections, they include 3 General Elections, 2 Mayoral Elections and 7 Council Elections.

We believe Bob was the first National Front candidate since Martin Webster to retain his deposit. Bob achieved this as the North Tyneside Mayoral candidate for the National Front, Bob polled over 2500 votes and exceeded the 5% needed to retain his deposit.

Bob Batten died of a heart attack aged just 68, all his working life Bob had been a grafter, a very honest, loyal & proud man.
For many years Bob had been very good friends with Simon Biggs and his wife Hazel and Simon paid a fitting tribute to Bob with an excellent speech in the church.

Simon and fellow Nationalists clubbed together for a beautiful Union Flag floral tribute(see photos).
I was proud to travel to the North East to pay my respects on behalf of the National Front.
RIP Bob Batten

Kevin Bryan