Richard Edmonds on Freedom of Speech in 2018

Austrian nationalist Martin Sellner and his partner Brittany Pettibone were recently refused entry into the UK, and held in detention for questioning before being sent home.

Their intention was to give a speech on the recent clampdowns of freedom of speech in European countries. They have not committed crimes in any country, and yet were treated as if they were guilty of serious offences. At the same time, it is known that many UK citizens with Islamic backgrounds have been allowed to return to the UK after fighting for ISIS.

The UK government’s hypocrisy on this apparent double standard has not been explained.  YouTube allows many videos, some with very controversial content, to remain in place whilst targeting pro nationalist and patriotic accounts.

Veteran nationalist Richard Edmond’s gives a short update on the alarming recent attempts to silence people who wish to openly discuss matters relevant to European societies.

The speech is somber awakening for many who are unaware of the states war against the nationalists and how the dedicate vast powers to try to discredit our activists and dissuade members from joining our movement.


Please watch the video and forward to your friends and comrades.