A “The patriot game” review.

The National Front features heavily in a prominent documentary featuring Nationalism in the UK which has recently been commissioned by Russia today.

The Documentary is called “The Patriots game” and is hosted by none other than hard left former Respect MP George Galloway!

The documentary which which has been launched under the description “The Far Right in Britain isn’t just on the march, it’s taking violent, murderous action. A neo-Nazi group called National Action applauded the murder and the murderer of a young female member of the British Parliament, Jo Cox. Other alleged members are charged with plotting the murder of another MP; while two British soldiers, said to be from the same group, are facing serious terrorism charges. Fascism and far-right extremism, street violence and confrontation isn’t new in Britain. It dates back to at least the 1930s and Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts. Today’s incarnations are no less deadly. George Galloway investigates how it began, how it developed, and reveals the major players in the latest mass-street movement. “


The documentary, whilst a smear from beginning to end of our beliefs and ideals, begins its story with the foundation of modern day British Nationalism which can trace many of its roots back to Sir Oswald Mosleys pre-war Black Shirt movement called the british union of fascists.

The narrator of the tale, George Galloway touches briefly on the battle of cable street but falls foul of the usual state fed misunderstanding of the opposition; describing them as locals who did not want to see Fascists active in their area without drawing to the attention of the viewer that the majority of the opposition was Jewish, anarchists and prodominently communist and certainly very few of them was local.

The hard left blockade of the march was arranged of course by none other than the Communist Party of Great Britain by a man called Phil Piratin who would go onto become to become one of the four elected Member of Parliaments from the Communist party!

It continues on its time line of British Nationalism to mention the post war nationalist movements focusing on the likes of Colin Jordans White Defence League and the Union movement which was launched by Sir Oswald Mosley following the outlawing of his previous movement during the inter war years. The first post war event to be referenced is the 1958 Nottinghill Race Riots which it strongly implied resulted directly from the aforementioned groups being active in and around the area where as in actuality resolves around a war battered population having seen their husbands, sons, brothers and friends murdered in a Brothers war at the whim of the politicians to see the Empire collapse around them and the former colonies begin to Colonise their local neighbourhoods which created tension which eventually spilled over to street violence.


It goes on to mention the movements that exploded onto the fore front of the Nations politics in the late 1960s and 1970s especially after Enoch Powells speech “the rivers of blood” and interviews former National Front activities organiser Martin Webster who very correctly dismisses the lefts logic for saving endangered species such as the whale but their willingness to write off and otherwise dispose of their own race in the name of progress.

The documentary touches on our illustrious past and fearless marches which occurred from one end of the country to the other never afraid to step foot in heavy immigrant areas and never ashamed to say what we would do when we take power.

The documentary then progress further into more recent history with a feature of a clip of the British National Party lasting only a mere 10 seconds in which it advises it fell out of favour in the ballot box on account the public seeing through its lies however this simply untrue.

The BNP in actuality fell afoul of its supporters due to constant in fighting due to on poor leadership decision and was wracked in constant financial scandal.

It moves away from the Political party scene towards the football/ street movements mostly the English Defence League and the recently established Football Lads Alliance both of which preach a stance of anti-racism and anti-extremism of both nationalist and far left by which of course relates in a sold out movement of no ideology masquerading a legitimate nationalist movement but falling at the first hurdle of defending ones views without stepping back to apologise to the weaker ideology in this case the apologists of liberalism. Furthermore as the documentary shows they lack the discipline and radical revolutionary approach required to achieve real change in Great Britain.


What seperates the National Front from the other (still active) movements and organisations is our hardline disciplined approached

The National Front is more than just a street group; we can offer the public the solutions needed to make our country great again.

We are Britain’s Premiere Racial Party still holding marches opposed and unopposed but always unafraid across our great nation.

We are the only party in Britain with a forced repatriation policy and we are the only nationalist party in Britain that has stepped into the gap left in current British politics for the British voter to express their discontent and disgust at the current situation of society.

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For those who want to make a stand and turn the tide in our on-going war can do so here;