Successful meeting in Sheffield.

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On Saturday, 24th. February, the National Front held a very successful meeting in Sheffield. All thanks to the NF’s Security team for organising this event. It was standing room only as members and supporters gathered to hear our plans for the future.

We heard from a member of the NF’s Security team who told us of his experiences serving in Iraq. A former soldier who had been born and raised in a patriotic, working-class home in Doncaster, he told us why he became a supporter of our cause of Race and Nation. Listening to his account of his time in Iraq was most interesting: it was not the usual political speech. He told us that in Iraq he found the Arabs to be utterly corrupt and utterly incapable of managing and maintaining modern technical systems, even simple machines were too much for them. What are we doing, allowing such useless types to come to our country ? he wanted to know.

Richard Edmonds spoke next and said that our campaigning issues are Crime and Immigration. The party-politicians have betrayed the British people. The Good News now is that a huge and successful populists movement is building up against the Westminster Establishment: the winning seventeen and a half million Brexit votes proves this. The National Front intends playing a major role in this populist rejection of the corrupt, anti-British failure-parties: Labour, Tory, Liberal-Democrat, they are all the same and they have all betrayed us.

NF Chairman was the final speaker. Kevin Bryan spoke of the vile crimes committed by the criminal Asian grooming gangs who had for years and years sexually abused English girls in towns and cities right across the North of England, and these crimes, committed against defenceless White children, under-age girls, had been committed in the full knowledge of the Authorities and the party-politicians. Town and Borough councillors, MPs, Council leaders and the so-called Care-workers were, to their undying shame, complicit in the vile crimes committed by the vile Asian criminals; they had deliberately and knowingly covered up the vile crimes: the politicians enabled those crimes.

Kevin Bryan also outlined our campaigning plans for this year. At the Spring’s local elections we intend fielding candidates right across the United Kingdom. Kevin spoke for all of us when he thanked the organisers for the success of the meeting.


Please click the link below to watch the National Front TV video of the meeting.