The Labour Party show their contempt for our War Dead

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A labour Party activist who posed, standing on a war memorial with his hands in the air has been selected to stand as a candidate for the Labour Party in May’s local elections.

Teacher, Niroshan Sirisena’s selection to stand as one of three Labour Party candidates for the Croydon ward of Fairfield was announced 4 days after Remembrance Sunday last year. despite him being photographed several months earlier standing on Woodside Green, War Memorial, to pose for a picture with a number of other Labour Party activists.

Sunday I bumped into Sirisena and some of his Labour chums and decided to challenge them about their behaviour. I turned on the video camera on my phone and approached them and asked about the insult committed back in May last year, unsurprisingly Sirisena denied that it was him standing on the war memorial. The surprises came when Councillor Jane Avis claimed that there is nothing wrong with climbing on a war memorial and that “It’s a piece of stone” and Sirisena tried to turn the argument around by saying that me getting political about it is “absolutely disgusting”.

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