Guardian complains about White Rescue

“Far-right groups are being investigated for potentially breaching Charity Commission rules” writes Sarah Marsh of the Guardian.

The White Rescue Project focuses solely on its aim to assist homeless Europeans by supplying them with food, blankets and where needed medicine in various cities across the Britain.

The fact that Whites are ignored in favour of immigrants in its self is scandalous and in a different article from 2015 the Guardian was singing the praises of a Black Minority Ethnic (BME) food bank, in fact there are probably thousands of BME charities in the UK, many receiving government, council and lottery funding. The fact we face potential investigation for assisting our own is outrageous.

This is of course a political attack on the ever-growing National Front and indirectly an attack on the White Race by the Guardian.

We ask if groups such as IMECE which as per its websites mission statement “aims is to empower Black, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BMER) women, particularly Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish Cypriot Women and improve quality of their lives.” Will be investigated?

The Guardian is happy to work with ‘charities’ that are for Jews only


The Guardian is currently running an ad for an “Afro-Caribbean Support Worker”

The Guardian has also previously encouraged people to donate money to help traffic refugees to Europe



Nevertheless, we shall persevere and continue to work side by side with our friends in the National Rebirth of Poland (NOP) in promoting the interests of White People and so far we haven’t been contacted by the Charities Commission.

Here is a link to the NOP website as well as some of our previous activisms