It’s that time of year again when nationalists debate whether we celebrate Yule or Christmas?

Do we celebrate the old traditions of years ago or do we celebrate the biblical story?

To me it matters not which you celebrate, in my heart I celebrate both, I love the mystic of the old traditions but I also love the magic of Christmas and the fond memories of my childhood where in the early hours of Christmas Day my sister and I would come out of our bedrooms and shout “he’s been he’s been” and then I would open my presents at the bottom end of my Father’s side of the bed and my sister would do the same at the end of my mother’s side of the bed.

It is important we keep both traditions going, we educate our children about the old ways, but we also let them celebrate the magic that as children we experienced.

Some may argue that Christmas is just a commercial racket nowadays and the true message of Christmas is no longer there, well true, but we have to remember that it is the Liberals, the Marxists that continue to erode the true message, they erode it so as not to upset the foreigners that have invaded our land, those that don’t belong here, those that seek to destroy and replace us, those whose Holy book preaches hate against the non-believer.

It matters not that their traditions offend us in our own land, it matters not to the Liberals that the foreigners preach hate against the indigenous people’s of this fine land.

And of course, I don’t disagree that Christmas is a money-making racket that makes millions for the store owners and traders, those who bayed for his blood at the Temple have made a fortune out of his name ever since!

Christmas or Yule is also a time for family and as nationalists’ family means everything, the blood that flows through our veins has celebrated with their families this period in one way or another for many, many years.

Let us remember at this time the young girls of Rotherham, Rochdale and many other British towns & Cities that have been groomed and raped and that have had their lives ruined by the invaders, let’s hope that through all the hurt that somehow, they can enjoy Christmas as others do.

Let us also think about the thousands that are homeless, betrayed by successive Governments, houses they should be sleeping warm and cosy in given to foreigners that have never paid a penny into the system.

Thousands of these homeless people are ex-servicemen, people that served their country, many that have seen active service, sent to far off lands to fight in wars that should not be Britain’s business. Once these people leave the forces many end up on the streets homeless, again betrayal by those that govern us.

Also at this time let us remember Christmas Day 1914 when amongst the Slaughter and blood shed Soldiers laid down their guns, climbed out of their trenches walked across no man’s land to embrace and shake hands with their racial Brothers.

Fellow Members & Supporters of the National Front, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas/ Yule and a happy New Year, let us enjoy the time out and the time off work and then let us throw our lot back in with the cause, it is us nationalists that will fight to keep the traditions going as the Liberal minded will eventually cave in.

This fight is never going to be an easy one, but fight we must, this is our land, Europe is our continent and our racial brothers across the Channel and elsewhere are under attack by the same forces as we are, the forces of darkness. We are the light and we fight for a New Dawn, a Britain, a continent where healthy white children, our future generations can live healthy and free lives.

Only the National Front has the answers for real change, change that will ensure that freedom & Safety.

In January join us, join the National Front, join us in the fight for the Britain of our dreams.

Merry Christmas/Yule & Happy New Year.

Kevin Bryan

Chairman National Front