The National Front is back in the West.

The National Front is back in the West.
It was a turning point for the National Front, Saturday, when members and officials, descended on Bristol.
It would have been the early eighties, since we saw meetings and action in the South West, due to our branches, being more in the North of England and London.
Members travelled far and wide, to join Julie Lake for the relaunch of the National Front, in Bristol, with members coming from  Devon, Manchester, London, Wales, and the South Coast.
Julie opened the meeting by thanking everyone for the long journeys, they undertook, to be there.
The meeting was an opportunity to undertake some vital coordination, for our security teams, and put into practice, ways of keeping our Organisers and members safe. Our head of security, Jordan Pont, spoke of the need to instill, greater security, after the dishonest methods used by Hardcash productions, to infiltrate meetings. Certainly, we must not only ensure safety, but also to ensure that we put an end to reporters making money from us.
Julie spoke briefly, at just how Hardcash Productions, had snooped on her, for an entire year,  This was one of the reasons, we have acquired the latest technology, in the aftermath, to counteract, this kind of invasion, and Jordan and his team, had the opportunity, to test the new equipment. 
Our Chairman, Kevin Bryan, made the trip to Bristol, to welcome members old and new. In a rousing speech, he shared the demographic changes to Bristol, with ethnic population sizes, to demonstrate, just how Bristol has pushed out the White British, in order to represent minorities, over and above, our indigenous White populations.
He thanked Hardcash Productions, for the priceless, free advertising, in their film. Kevin also pointed out, that the National Front, was the only Party that did not make any apologies, for being the voice of the White British, following disclosure of their secret filming. He also announced, the rise in membership.
After revealing the alarming ethic population statistics in Bristol, Kevin went on to speak of, the degeneracy that has taken over towns and cities. Julie confirmed this, with her own examples, as told to her by her staff nurse sister, who is faced with the task of removing inanimate objects, from parts of men’s bodies, every weekend, sometimes, even needing surgery to remove them, and being a drain on resources in the NHS. Julie talked of the impact on Brighton, and it’s tourism trade, when 300,000 LGBT hijacked her birth city in August. It was followed up, by experiences of the same, from a triage nurse.
Kevin Layzell then took the floor, to speak of the importance of activism, his plans for London, and how unique the National Front flag remains, after 50 years.
Rounding up with plans for the National Front in the West Country, which include regular branch meetings, leafleting, activism and the intention to stand Council election candidates in the Spring,  Julie also talked of one day workshops, around the country, for more seasoned electioneers, to guide and assist, new nationalists.
All in all, the day was an excellent insight, into the growth of the Party, and optimism for the future.