UKIP Councillors flee sinking ship!


In a move which may shock some but will have been expected news to others it can now be confirmed that no less than 7 UKIP Councillors out of the 12 elected Councillors in Great Yarmouth have jumped ship and joined Conservatives and in doing so have handed over control of the council.

The 7 Councillors have cited their reasons that UKIP was finished now that the EU vote had been achieved.

As time goes by this is a phenomenon which will become more common place as Councillors flea the sinking ship of UKIP desperate to cling to their positions knowing that they won’t be re-elected in next year’s elections if they continue under the same banner.

It had always been said that UKIP was Conservatives in disguise pretending to be some sort of nationalists and this is the proof, now that the wave has crashed they have returned to their true home.

A further example of this occurred earlier in the year in September when all 3 of their elected representatives in Plymouth jumped ship back to Conservatives we could list all of the defections to Conservatives but we will be here all day!

The UKIP bubble which was started by the short term in dip in nationalist politics and supported by a surge of anti-EU ideals has burst and we in the National Front will pick up the pieces and gather their support and continue to grow daily as we have been doing for the last several years.

We urge any aspiring UKIP Counsellors’ who are true nationalists to join us in the National Front or else face disappearing into obscurity come the next election.

The National Front is Britain’s last hope and we will not be a flash in the pan we are in it for the long haul.

Until we have victory