Christian Union banned from University of Oxford

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Outrage as the University of Oxford has banned its Christian Union representatives from attending the freshers’ fair over “potential harm to freshers”.

The reasons stated for banning Christian teachings in a Christian country? Fears  it would be “an excuse for homophobia and neo-colonialism.”

In an almost fitting reflection of the shambles of modern day society where our own heritage has been purposely overlooked a unmanned multi-faith stall was instead proposed to appeal to the theme of inclusivity.

In part of a leaked email exchanged one of the reasons proposed for the banning of the Christian union was “Oxford’s reputation for racism and lack of diversity.”

The university its self which dates from 1263 history is inter woven with Christian traditions and beliefs and its very founding is due to the guidance of a Bishop.  The patron saint of the Balliol College where this event took place is

Catherine of Alexandria who is known for converting hundreds of Egyptians to Christianity before finding herself beheaded for her beliefs.

Such stark contrast in comparison to the cowardly professors and organisations of the Freshers’ event that will reject their own beliefs for fear of not conforming to the multicultural expectations that have been forced upon them.

I draw from my own experiences from these establishments when on one occasion a table top was erected in the atrium by the pressure group Stonewall which “campaigns for the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people across Britain.”

StoneWall was then openly allowed to set up posters and other such propaganda around the college campus promoting homosexuality and other such perverse ways.

As the country continues to march into madness our Christian heritage will be constantly attacked in an attempt to undermine the traditional values it stands for.

However we at the National Front will uphold our countries proud Christian heritage beliefs.