A well researched letter to his local newspaper by Mid Wales National Front member Milton Ellis.

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Of course though the truth is frowned upon as hate speech and liberals/Marxists are always in denial of the truth.

Dear Sir,
Theresa May has recently had a Race and Equality audit in which it had been found that there is disparity in racial performance between the white majority and ethnic minorities, in education, home ownership and unemployment etc. If everybody is equal then there should be no disparity. But what if the doctrine of racial equality is not scientific but only a Marxist pseudo-science?
In 2012 an international team of scientists found a gene HMGA2, which determines intelligence and achievement and completely displaces the nurture and cultural argument of the followers of Franz Uri Boas. There are differences in IQs and cognitive abilities, and an 11% overlap between races; but equality would require there to be 50%. The African languages have only a present tense, no past or future tense and a very limited vocabulary and this indicates an inability to plan for the long-term.
A requirement of an IQ of about 160+ is absolutely vital if there are to be sufficient numbers of engineers, inventors, mathematicians, Scientists etc. Most Europeans have an IQ of about 100 and Blacks of about 70. The consequences for all this we can see in Zimbabwe and increasingly in South Africa today. The Africans will always be dependent of outside help for development whether that is from Europeans or the Chinese.
All this is the brutal hard truth. No amount of silly denial can alter this; by denying racial differences the cowardly politicians are flogging a dead horse, in the pursuit of doctrinaire equality, and doing a disservice to the British people in the process.

Yours Sincerely,

Milton Ellis (Newtown).