The National Front’s 50th Anniversary Rally

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The rally to celebrate the National Front, past, present and future.

On Saturday, the 7th. October, Britain’s premier racial-national party celebrated its founding at a well attended rally held in the West Midlands. National Front members had travelled from all four corners of our land to mark and celebrate fifty years of our party. The mood at the meeting was optimistic as the members, activists, Regional Organisers and party officials gathered together. We had all come to salute and pay our respects to the NF’s founders; we were there to enjoy our recent success; and we were there to plan for the future. As one of the speakers said: this rally is to celebrate the National Front, past, present and future.

The formal meeting was opened and chaired by Directorate member, Chris Jackson. Chris called for speeches from party officials and the Regional Organisers.


Deputy Chairman, Tony Martin, spoke of the success of the media-department this year. The NF

media is located on the web-site, <>. The media department was responsible for producing the film showing the high-lights of this rally. Tony was presented with the Albert Mariner shield for his activism and achievements with the media-department.

Tony was followed by East London NF organiser, Kevin Layzell. Kevin presented a slide-show illustrating NF street campaigns complete with Union flags flying and busy activists handing out leaflets. Kevin will be a candidate in next year’s local government elections. Kevin told us that you have to go to the people in their neighbourhoods and their shopping centres, and tell the electorate what we stand for.

South East Organiser, Mike Easter spoke of his hopes for the region; he will soon be inviting members and supporters to a gathering for the purpose of strengthening the region. Mike was followed by the Regional Organiser for Wales, Adam Lloyd. Adam gave an upbeat, ebullient report; he spoke of the  support that the NF enjoys in the Valleys and the potential for our cause in the major cities and towns of South Wales. Next up was our Regional Organiser for the South West of England, Julie Lake. Julie made a spirited call for activism. She reminded us that next year there will be local government elections across England and Wales; Julie told us of her experiences standing as a nationalist candidate in years past; she closed by calling for candidates to campaign right across the country. The R.O. for Eastern England and long-term Directorate member, Nick Walsh concluded this round-up of reports. Nick focused on the two most successful NF marches that had been held in Grimsby and Grantham this year. These activities had generated positive publicity for the NF both in the local and the national press. For example, The Times published a photo of the flag party at the head of our recent Grantham march together with the news-report that quoted the famous fourteen words which are known to all racial-nationalists: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

After a short interval, the NF’s Security chief, Jordan, spoke of the need to take party-security seriously. Jordan informed all present that he would be attending branch and group meetings in the future in order to call for volunteers to join his security team. Jordan was followed by Directorate member Richard Edmonds. Richard spoke for everybody when expressed his pleasure at being present at this historic meeting to mark the 50th. Anniversary of the founding of the National Front. Our party is going to save Britain and the British people. We have been betrayed by the party politicians at Westminster; they have lied to us at very election for the last fifty years. These party-politicians, Tory politicians, Labour politicians, Liberal-Democrat politicians, they are all the same and they have all betrayed us. They have let millions of foreigners into our country; the politicians have let vile and vicious and murderous criminals hunt and hurt the most vulnerable of our people. Crimes committed with impunity, for years and years and years and the party politicians turned a blind eye. The party-politicians are responsible for the multi-criminal, multi-racial nightmare that is destroying British civilisation in our major cities. The National Front was founded by far-seeing  patriots; the National Front was founded to lead the British out of this nightmare. The National Front is resolved to remove the party politicians of the failure parties from public office, and to replace them by brave, patriotic men and women who will secure the existence of our people and give a future to white children. Richard expressed his pride at being a member of the National Front.

Following an interval, our special guest, former National Front chairman, Andrew Brons, addressed the rally. Andrew joined the National Front on the very first day of its founding. Fifty years ago, he was a teenager, Andrew informed us, but at that young age he already felt the call of nationalist politics. In the 1970s Andrew served on the NF Directorate where he took an active part in all the campaigns that made the National Front a house-hold name. Andrew gave us a wealth of information over those dynamic, pioneering days. But he was too modest to mention his later and more recent years of actively promoting of our racial-nationalist cause. In 2009 Andrew succeeded in winning election as Member of the European parliament representing Yorkshire and Humber. He is also the author of A Nationalist Perspective, which lays out in the modern context our nationalist ideology and principles.

The final speaker was party chairman, Kevin Bryan. Kevin thanked all the members who travelled from all over the United Kingdom to join him at this  Anniversary meeting. Kevin spoke of the honour that he felt to be the party chairman. Kevin then spoke of the Tory and Labour party conferences. Kevin told us of his conviction that there is a conspiracy organised at the highest levels aiming to replace the failed Tory government of Teresa May by a Bolshevik government run by Corbyn. Kevin noted how the Labour leader Diane Abbot seemed able to break every Race law when she spoke of discriminating against British White people.

Kevin said that we were the genuine Socialists, because we wanted to protect British working people y by taking control of the banks. We wanted the best for our armed forces. And we wanted to make family life secure so that parents could have children without being burdened with financial worries.

The whole meeting agreed with Kevin when said that this rally will go down in history. In the first fifty years we have laid the foundations of the future. We build not for just one term of government; we build not for just one decade; we build for centuries so that future generations will have a nation that is theirs to keep. To prolonged rousing cheers the NF Chairman concluded, “Today we fight, tomorrow we win.”

By Richard Edmonds
A video will follow shortly