Another Terror Attack on the Tube

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The daily commute in London brings more chaos than the usual rush hour as terrorist detonate a home-made bomb on the district line.

After chairing a meeting of COBRA Prime Minister May said ‘there would be an increased armed police presence on the transport network in London’.
London’s Tube is dangerously over-crowded so it’s difficult to determine who a bag belongs to, making it almost impossible to identify an un-attended bag. Also in the crowded conditions of a tube train there is a real danger of a terrorist, drunk or lunatic grabbing hold of an officers firearm. The only reason the government have for the increased police presence on the underground is to be seen to be doing something.

While Counter Terrorism Police have been investigating stickers that might hurt people’s feeling another actual terror attack has taken place.

A society that celebrates terrorists of the past, invites terrorists of the future.

Famous Zionist Terrorist and later President of Israel, Yitzhak Shamir was said to have been inspired by Irish Republican Terrorist, Michael Collins. Having seen the success of terrorist groups around the world there is little wonder why Islamic terrorist see terrorism as an easy route to success. We even have statues in London to known Communist Terrorist Nelson Mandela and our own prime minister Theresa May has publicly shown support to Zionist Terrorists who murdered Brave British Soldiers.
If we carry on giving in to terrorism and at current levels of immigration, how long before we have a statue of Osama Bin Laden in London.
If we are to rid Britain of Terrorism we must recognise the terrorist of the past and remove all statues honouring them.