Even PC police want Notting Hill Carnival banned

By SP – The Metropolitan Police are calling for the Notting Hill Carnival to be banned after its officers were subjected to a particularly nasty spree of violence at this year’s “festivities”.

Each year the “black culture” event is marred by chronic disorder, but this time the level of crime became so untenable that even Britain’s ultra-cucked PC police force couldn’t remain silent any longer.

According to The Daily Mail, officers were slashed with broken bottles, spat at, bitten and even had acid thrown at them. In one of the worst confrontations, three PCs had bloody spit sprayed in their faces by a man claiming to be HIV-positive.

In total, 31 officers were attacked, four people stabbed, more than 300 arrested and dozens of weapons seized.

Sounds like par for the course in vibrant, enriched modern-day England to me, but in a radical change of tack from the PC norm, Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, is daring to think otherwise.

“We cannot carry on like this. It is a disgrace,” he said. “My brave colleagues were attacked for just doing their job.

“This is not acceptable. What other event would be allowed to carry on regardless with so many police colleagues under attack?”

Probably any other in which the majority of participants were non-white, Ken. Arresting too many of them would be racist, after all.

Other benefits of diversity at the carnival included concerns over terrorist attacks, as well as several panics being sparked by people spraying acid-like liquids. The police state that they seized weapons including knives, CS spray, batons and a hammer.

Such increasing levels of enrichment have caused many to call for the carnival to be moved to Hyde Park and made ticket-only to deter opportunist criminals. Changes were first proposed in 2000 when two men were murdered. In 2008 there was a riot. In total, five people have been killed at the festival since 1987.

However, chances of any changes being made are slim, especially since London Mayor Sadiq “part and parcel” Khan is all for the carnival remaining in its current state.

That means more bobbies (and civilians) injured, or perhaps worse, in more horrific ways next year – and sadly no amount of “dancing copper” videos is going to change that.