White Australian man faces deportation!

As the news breaks across the nation in the morning it bears more ridiculous and frankly damn right outrageous scenarios and situations that seem to be a reflection of modern day Britain.

In today’s news, a white Christian man born to a British father and Australian Mother told he is no longer welcome and has “no lawful basis to be in the UK.”

The man is of British stock and has every right to live in the land of his forefathers however this begs the question of the stupidity of modern day Britain in which we cannot deport rapists and criminals due to their human rights however we can waste time and resources to attack the working class community.

The reason for his proposed removal? His mother is Australian and as of such he has no business in being here. We must ask why this logic is not applied to all new arrivals.

This country is full of non-British Citizens who have no right to be here and we at the National Front can confirm that Shane Ridge is not one of them.

In comparison to another news story today involving one Samim Bigzad, an Afghan, who was due to be deported however is now safely back in Brook House immigration removal centre after a failed attempt to return him to his homeland.