40th anniversary of the National Front Lewisham March

Remembering the 1977 National Front march in Lewisham, South London.

Forty years ago this month in 1977 the National Front rose to national prominence as THE pro—British force defending the British people from the multi-racial, multi-criminal nightmare being forced onto us.

In the 1970s the scourge of street-crime, muggers attacking vulnerable old folk became a national scandal. In the inner areas of our major cities, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, old folk were set upon in broad daylight by gangs of muggers: life was becoming impossible. In the Spring of 1977 the London Police had arrested a gang of twenty one blacks and charged them with mugging offences. A police-spokesman said that the gang was responsible for 90 per-cent of the street-crime in South London.

The National Front leadership decided to make a stand. The National Front announced that they would hold a march through South London in support of the victims and with the slogan, “Stop the mugging attacks”. An NF spokesman told the press, “We believe that the multi-racial society is wrong, is evil and we want to destroy it.” In August 1977, with banners and flags flying the National Front successfully marched through the very areas where the mugging gangs made life a living hell. The National Front marched from its line-up point at New Cross to its public rally at Lewisham, a distance of some two miles. The Left made repeated, violent attempts to stop the march. The Left failed. The courage and determination of the NF marchers won the day. The Left exposed themselves that day: the Left were on the side of the criminals. The Left cared nothing for the victims. And to their undying shame,the Left were joined on the streets that day by the Church of England Bishop of Southwark, by the Labour Mayor of Lewisham and by the spokesman for the Board of British Jews: shame on these “gentlemen” for joining the violent Left and for having no sympathy for the elderly British victims of the muggers. All credit to the leaders of the National Front for organising the Lewisham march; and all credit to all those who marched with the Front that day.

With retrospect one can say that the bravery of the National Front on display that day at Lewisham was not matched by the British people. The evil multi-racial, multi-criminal society could have been stopped in its tracks back then, if in those years the British people had come out in their majority and supported the NF . We all have a second chance now.

Requiescat in pace: R.I.P. all the victims of the multi-racial, multi-criminal society.