IAN STUART DONALDSON 11th Aug 1957-24th Sept 1993


Ian Stuart Donaldson or Ian Stuart as he was better known would have been sixty years old today if it was not for his untimely death(some would say murder).

Anyone of the younger generation involved in nationalism in the 80s & 90s would have almost certainly listened to the music of Skrewdriver, Skrewdriver was the band fronted by Ian Stuart a dedicated racial Nationalist.
For Ian, Nationalism was more than just a music scene, Ian was also a Political activist, a man that led by example; twice Ian was an organiser in our party the National Front.
Skrewdriver produced many albums, including, Hail the New Dawn, Blood & Honour & White Rider, my personal favourite was the album No Turning Back.

At the time of Skrewdriver there were many bands involved in the nationalist music scene, No Remorse, Brutal Attack, Skulhead, Battlezone and many more, all went under the Blood & Honour label a movement founded by Ian Stuart.
In my opinion the nationalist music scene has never recovered from the death of Ian,Ian was the leader, the boss.

Every year a large festival is held in memory & in honour of Ian, ISD, nationalist bands from around the world play at the weekend long festival, I myself attend ISD as do many other National Front Organisers and members, Usualy between 800-500 people attend and it is an excellent weekend to network with racial nationalists from Britain and other white nations across the world.

Just a few weeks before Ians death myself and other nationalists from the East Midlands were with Ian in Rock City in Nottingham having a drink and chatting.
On the morning of Sept 24th 1993 I was at work in the factory I worked at in Nottinghamshire when the news of Ians death came over the radio, words cannot explain the shock, the grief that came over me and I am not ashamed to say that tears streamed down my face.
That day nationalism lost a leader; the white race lost a great man, but it is our duty to make sure Ians music lives on, there are people world wide that listen to the music of Ian Stuart, that see brilliance in his song writing &lyrics.

May a truly great man Rest In Peace
Ian Stuart, gone but never forgotten

Kevin Bryan