New South West Organiser appointed!

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As the National Front activism base continues to grow so we must continue to appoint new organisers to deal with the ever-increasing amount of inquiries and to arrange feet on the street to further our cause.


With that in mind we would like to extend our warm welcomes to Julie Lake the newest member of the National Front family.

The statement below is from our newly appointed organiser.

“First of all, I would like to say, that it was an honour, when i was offered the role of South West Organiser for the National Front, and be included in the Party Directorate.

After many years in the British National Party, i held the titles of Bristol Organiser, Regional South West Organiser, and served the Executive Committee. I resigned from all positions last year, and ended my membership. This was for a variety of reasons, but it was fair to say, that Nationalism had stagnated, and been affected by the popularity of UKIP.
I always felt that Nationalist Parties must go back to basics, in order to remind the electorate, that we are still working on behalf of the Indigenous British.

I was heartened to hear our Chairman’s vision for the future of the National Front. With the demise of UKIP, the failures of newer Nationalist Parties, in getting off the ground, and the BNP vanishing act, it leaves only one Nationalist Party to represent our race and country. The National Front has never compromised grass-roots, and with the 50th anniversary, the demise of the others, gives us an enormous opportunity that would be criminal to waste.

It won’t all happen overnight, and it will take much hard work. I am willing to throw myself into creating a National Front stronghold, in the South West, simply because, i believe that we have all the building blocks in place, and with dedication, we can expand on this.We need to start preparing now, for the next General Election.
Raising awareness is key, and to do that, we must be seen and heard.
I hope to bring old and new members together in the South West, organise monthly meetings, and plan future campaigns. I am looking for activists who share our determination, to join me, in taking the National Front forward.
The National Front, has the history, and the experience to be the only serious contender in the representation of white British, and stop the betrayal and destruction of our heritage, our culture, our history, our country, and our race.

Julie Lake”