Who is Kenneth Erskine?

Last month, in 1986, Kenneth Erskine, the Stockwell Strangler, was arrested.

Kenneth Erskine, Who he ? …Never heard of him ?

You have heard of the Jack the Ripper. He killed five prostitutes in London’s East End in the 1880s. You may have heard of such notorious killers as Dr. Crippen who murdered his wife in 1910; and John Christie who is known to have killed seven women between 1949 and 1953. The actor, Richard Attenborough, played the part of the murderer in the film, 10 Rillington Place.

Kenneth Erskine murdered defenceless old folk living alone. He became known to the Police as the Stockwell Strangler. Kenneth Erskine’s reign of terror took place in Stockwell, South London, just across the river Thames from the Houses of Parliament. In 1986 he was arrested and found guilty of the murder of seven old age pensioners. In fact the Police believe that he may have murdered dozens more….dozens more, you read that right. Erskine’s technique was to strangle his victims, men and women, and then to bugger them before or after death.

Erskine, a West Indian, may be Britain’s most prolific, murderous killer. We witness here the horror that one individual can bring to a previously homogeneous and secure community. After his trial Erskine told the Police that he wanted to be famous. Never heard of him? News-media did not give the case enough publicity? Maybe because Erskine is black and his victims were white.

With acknowledgements to Jack Black’s compilation of black-on-White crime, Blacklist